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With 30 years in the coating industry we have you covered! We've done it all, we can cover up ugly concrete, pavers, tile, wood and even packed earth.  Rubber Stone is great around pools, on driveways, walkways, steps, patios and so much more.  It's soft and grippy, so keep your kiddos safe around the pool, yet tough enough to drive on everyday.  Best part is that it stands the test of time, with a standard 5 year extendable warranty, all it takes is a little love and you will have a surface that will stand the test of time.



Rubber Stone is a perfect choice for around your pool, great traction even when wet means its a lot safer than tiles and a lot softer than concrete.


Rubber Stone is a great solution for your driveway, it's tough enough to stand up to vehicle traffic and its versatility allows endless possibilities  for design.



Rubber Stone is an excellent solution for your patio, since we can cover a variety of surfaces we can transform your space into one uniform surface.

Footpaths and Steps

Rubber Stone has great traction, so it's a great solution for those areas where you walk the most.


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