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Footpaths and Steps

The right product for your needs

Your footpaths and steps are your most used areas around your home, and are often overlooked.  Create a safe space for your family with a softer, flexible footpath covering that has a wonderful cushioning effect in frequently used areas.


Wet conditions are no match for this recycled and synthetic rubber overlay that provides unmatched slip resistance and cushioning softness under foot.

Rock & Rubber

The addition of natural pebbles to our Rubber Stone mix is a beautiful solution that combines the flexibility of rubber with the strength of stone.


Proudly manufactured in Australia, these stair treads are designed to work seamlessly with our Rubber Stone and Rock & Rubber products.  Proven to be the toughest, longest-lasting, and best value anti-slip and safety stride stair nosing products in the world. So good, they come with a lifetime guarantee.

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