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Long-Lasting Durability

Our product line is manufactured to withstand regional weather and UV exposure, harsh chemical conditions, and just everyday wear and tear. Regular cleaning and light maintenance keep your product in top shape and help it last, no matter where it's installed.


Hassle Free Maintenance

Simple care, regular power washing and a binding agent refresh every 2-4 years will keep Rubber Stone's finish looking new.


DIY Maintenance

Our products are designed and manufactured to be low-maintenance, but proper care helps ensure the product's lifespan and your satisfaction with the product. Certain maintenance procedures require additional products, which you can purchase and install at home. Before choosing a DIY option, talk to your dealer about your warranty coverage for maintenance.

Maintenance Program

With an experienced team doing your maintenance, you never have to worry about the quality of materials or service. Our dealers have extensive knowledge of our products and can react quickly in time-sensitive situations. Talk to your dealer about how they can help with your maintenance needs.



When the worst happens, we are there to fix it.  We can get nearly seamless patches if your surface becomes damaged, we simply have to remove and replace.  We keep every mix we do on file and are there if you ever need a repair.  So if your water main breaks, or your tow bar was a bit low you don't have to worry, we've got you covered.

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