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When you work with Rubber Stone you get more than a product. 
You become part of a world-wide family & a global team that's unlike any other network in our industry.

Why Choose Rubber Stone?

Because we're different.

At Rubber Stone we want the best for our customers and the people they serve.

That means starting with the best products in the industry

and adding the best training and support available so that you can go out and give your best to your crew and your customers.

Benefits Of Becoming a Dealer

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Get the Best EPDM in The World!

At Rubber Stone we know that to get the best results, you need to start with the best materials. That’s why we start with the best EPDM granules in the world, and then add the best adhesives in the industry to create a product you and your crew can be proud of.

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Exclusive Territory Rights

We want to work as a community, not as competitors.  That's why with Rubber Stone you'll receive an exclusive territory that no one can work in but you.


Exclusive Training Program

To do the best, you need to learn from the best.  That's why with Rubber Stone you learn from the Australian veterans during a week long training session.  Not only that, but you get ongoing support so you can handle anything the job throws at you!


A Support Team that Cares

When you succeed, we succeed.  That's why we have a support team that cares about you and your business.  We'll help you through marketing, advertising, budgeting, ordering R&D, installation and other aspects of your business to help you grow and succeed.

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An Exclusive Network

At Rubber Stone we're more than a company we're an exclusive global network with over 100 dealers worldwide!  That means you have access to a wide range of people with different knowledge and experience who can help you achieve your goals.

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Exclusive Training Program

As part of a global network and a global brand Rubber Stone dealers are brought to a higher standard.  You're not just another small business, you are a Rubber Stone business and we are moving forward together.


Getting Started is Easy

2. Get Trained

Go for your week-long training session so you're prepared for sales & installation.

3. Get Going!

Work with our team to get your marketing campaigns and sales processes up & running!

1. Get Involved

Talk to one of our team members about whether working with Rubber Stone is right for your business.

Are You The One We're Looking For?

Grow Your Business.  Join Our Team Apply Today!

I started out with Rubber Stone 6 years ago with a dealership in a small town in British Columbia, Canada.  When I had my initial video call with Don and Blair I immediately felt they were great people to work with.  From the moment I started I had all the support I needed to complete the season with record sales in that area.  They helped with working out the product needed to complete jobs, recommendations for equipment and onsite help for those tricky jobs.  A year later I went to Blair and Don about bringing Rubber Stone to Australia, I had no idea what to expect, but they came to the table with full support.  Fast forward to now and I am living in Australia laying thousands of square meters of Rubber Stone a year.  My partner works with me full time and we are proud of every job we do, it has allowed us freedom and no worries about money, there is endless work in Australia.  Rubber Stone has truly changed my life and I love every minute of it.  

Jayme Kegel
Rubber Stone Brisbane Pty Ltd

If you are like me you have probably been won over by this amazing product.  When we came across it we knew immediately it had great potential to be a new force in the building and renovation industry, and to get in on the ground floor was truly exciting.
Coming from within the landscape industry ourselves we believed that this would become a stand alone product and not just a side gig.  I left my previous job of 20 years and teamed up with my son a qualified stone and ceramic tiler to get in on the ground floor.  It is a steep learning curve, but the support we received and still do is awesome.  It is good to know they have your back and want to help you grow.
Going all in we believe has helped us grow and get the product out in the marketplace more quickly, and we recently met with Don and Blair who are committed to making it grow down under as well, and their input in getting the brand more recognised in Australia will take this product to the next level.

Angelo Stefanac
Rubber Stone North Pty Ltd

Would you like to work with us?
Tel: 1300 MY UGLY

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