A team of teams

A team of teams.  We all know that when we work together we all win, and that is what we strive to create with KBK Industries.  We have a line of solutions for coverings and concrete that we supply around Australia and in addition we work with other small business' around Australia to help them grow because we all grow together.  Do you have an innovative product?  

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I would 100% recommend this team completely! Very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful in every area of their amazing product. And the best customer care service !!
Ngawai Brunton, Brisbane, QLD
KBK doing awesome job in promoting Rubber Stone in Australia. and coming up with new ideas, customers services is good and they help out if any technical problems I highly recommend them when it comes to Rubber Stone products.


Trevor Turuva, Mt Isa, QLD

Rubber Stone

Rubber Stone is our most versatile product in our product line.

It's been around for over 10 years and we have never run out of uses for it.  It covers UGLY concrete, pavers, wood, tile and just about anything else.  We can re-build steps that you think are lost, we can save you the cost of having to remove and dispose of old cracked concrete with a beautiful long lasting solution.

The natural flexibility in the rubber allows for flex so if the ground moves so will the rubber.  This flexibility also ensures great traction, even in heavy rain.

Finally it is an insulator, this means even black rubber wont get hotter than your car tyres in summer (feel them!)

Endura Flake Logo.jpg
Flake Floors

If you want long lasting and easy to clean then Enduraflake may be your perfect fit.

Flake floors are ideally suited for garage floors and commercial spaces as it's chemical resistant and easy to clean while keeping a little bit of traction when wet.

Power Washing

We have a very powerful 3200psi power washer with a rotating head that can do wonders at removing stains.  

Our knowledge developed in the resurfacing industry adds some assistance in stain removal too!  If we can't get it out we can help you cover it up either way.

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