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A driveway is usually the very first thing people see when they come to visit.  It can make a great impression that lasts, or a very bad one.

With the ability to add custom designs and borders, we can turn your driveway into the showpiece of your home.  The seamless finish covers that old cracked concrete and the flexibility ensures it will not crack again.

As an added bonus it has great traction in all weather too!!


Decks can be a great place to entertain and enjoy the higher view, but they can lead to a lot of maintenance if made of wood, or a lot of heat and cracks if made from concrete.

Our Rubber Stone is a great solution, it is seamless, fully customizable, and transforms your space for long lasting, durable beauty.

Rubber is an insulator, it will stay cooler than many other surfaces!


With the insulating qualities and the flex that you get with Rubber Stone you have found a great solution for outdoor entertaining.


Seamless, it has the ability to cover anything from concrete, pavers to packed dirt.  Giving you a unique ability to change your space without having to pour new concrete, so go wild and add those sq m to have the garden of your dreams.

Plus you get a little softer landing for any dropped glasses!


Walkways are a great way to accentuate your home, one of the first things people see as they approach your home.

We often choose fancy concrete or bricks, but they can crack and sink, or become faded and pitted.  Rubber Stone will not fade, whatever your colour choice it will remain that nice bright colour you selected.  We can customize it to suit you.

Rubber is so flexible it can be poured INSTEAD of concrete is some cases!!


With the constant water that can get on a well used pool area, slipping can be a big concern.

Rubber Stone has great flexibility, which means it gives just a little with each step, giving you unparalleled traction while you hop in and out of the pool.  

Plus it is installed approximately 1cm thick so that water that pooled in the past will just go right through, no more puddles!!


Steps are everywhere, and uneven, crumbling steps can be a major hazard around the home.

Rubber Stone is a very versatile product and has the ability to repair badly damaged steps without removal.  With a seamless finish that will last longer with less maintenance than wood or concrete alone.

Rubber has great traction in all kinds of weather too!!