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Colour Selection

Many find the colour selection the hardest part with our Rubber Stone, so many to choose from and the combinations are truly endless.

By adding a couple colours to the black (recycled) rubber you create a beautiful mottled finish which will help hide any dirt and debris that falls onto your new rubber and can compliment any decor.

We base our pricing on how much of the high quality EPDM (coloured) rubber you wish to add.  Each mix below is labelled with the percentage of colour we have added to black.  

Here are just a few custom combinations we have created for clients, we've matched all kinds of decor, let us create a custom blend just for you.

20% White and Blue

20% Cream/Brown

20% Browns

30% Brick

30% Tri-Brown

30% Browns with Red

30% Greys with Red

30% Greys with Green

40% Browns and Blue

50% Greys with Cream and White

50% Greys

60% Browns and Red

60% Greys

70%Greys and Browns

80% Greys with White/Cream/Purple

100% light Browns and Greys

100% Tri-Grey with Red

100% Tri-Grey with Cream/White/Green

100% Dark Browns and Greys