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Rubber Stone is a innovative product coming from Canada a small town in Saskachewan to be specific.  In it's current form it has been around for about 11 years.  With over 130 dealers across North America they have become a major name in the industry.

While you may have seen similar products on the market before, Rubber Stone's commitment to quality ensures you are getting only the very best quality.

Check out head office, over 30 years in business:

Cover Your UGLY

Quality Products

Only the best products makes for the best result.

Sourced from the world leader in top quality EPDM rubber we provide you bright colours that are going to last.  No visible fading or leeching means that years from now if your rubber needs a repair you will have a near seamless repair!  Can't say that about concrete!


The colours are made to last and will when combined with our top notch quality binder, low maintenance plan, you will have a long lasting covering that will stand up to whatever you throw at it!

Recycled Materials

If you have ever had a tyre sit in your yard it gives you a pretty good idea of the durability of rubber resurfacing.

Our black crumb rubber is 100% recycled materials and specially sourced to limit contamination and maintain quality in large quantities.  

Plus every bag contains approximately 3.5 tyres that will not end up in the landfill!

Warranty Information:

If you've ever asked for warranty on concrete or any other product to cover concrete you may be shocked to find this here.  

Rubber Stone doesn't just have a warranty it has an incredible 5 year warranty covering product, installation and most importantly cracking!!  

Our rubber is so flexible it will just bend and flex with the ground, it will stretch over 2.5cm with the ground movement, we've seen it.  The maintenance is very low, give it a good power wash a couple times a year and between 3-8 years give us a call and we'll come to arrange a new coat of the binder.  It's just that simple.